Updates for the manager view in NOOA

NOOA is constantly improved through user input. The latest update brings the manager-side of NOOA to a completely new level. The new improvements will help managers to support their employees even better to achieve the desired changes.

The newest version has many improvements, but to list a few:

  • An improved overall view of the challenge – The manager will see with one glance how the change is progressing and how it can be improved further
  • Reporting – The manager now has a possibility to look at even more detailed and diverse information about on which things have been done successfully and which haven’t. Managers can also see details on about how individual teams or players progress
  • Attention to the most important things – NOOA will use data even better to show the manager where to focus their attention and which are the key things to do next
  • Improved layout and appearance – The manager view has been completely remade to be more user friendly and effective to use

Is there something that you would like to see in NOOA! You can always give us feedback or ideas.


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