Transparency and Leading With Emotion Are Trending Management Skills

By: Leena Huotari, Country Director, Finland

We recently participated in Esimies & Henkilöstö 2017 event in Helsinki together with Innotiimi-ICG and VuoLearning. This year’s event had many topical themes: future organization, leadership, changing work environment, digital HR, career and learning, and employee experience. During the event I had many interesting conversations about these topics. What really stuck to my mind was that transparency and leading with trust and emotion came up in almost every conversation. These were seen as best practices among the event’s many themes and as necessities to remember when developing and leading the organization in a new way.

Transparency and leading with trust form a good basis for change

During the event many presentations and discussions demonstrated a need for clearer and more unified people management. We need better reaction skills and more agile ways of working in today’s volatile, ambiguous and complex operational environment. One key development area was supporting self-management.

Self-management becomes possible in an organization through transparency and trust in operations and decision making. Nevertheless, structures, frameworks and guidance are still needed in the future. Somebody has to show a real interest in individuals and how they are working or the employees will feel neglected. Self-management is much easier if the organization is successful at creating common mental and operating models.

Transparency and leading with trust form a good basis for change

Self-management requires courage. In order to develop it, people usually need sparring, trust and transparency from their managers and peers. Transparency helps understanding what factors are effecting the daily tasks and why. It also makes it possible to get support and new ideas from colleagues throughout the organization. If a carefully prepared task receives comments only when it’s nearly finished, comments and ideas from other people feel more like criticism and don’t improve the outcome.

So, what do we need from future leaders and managers? Skills that are actually pretty basic, but which are rarely highlighted in work life due to their nature. It is generally hoped that AI brings information and guidance for management and, thus, makes more time for humaneness, empathy and meeting people. Many stated that “people should be listening with their heart and in order to understand. Then they should act to encourage”. This shows that we need managers that are present. I also heard someone comment: “Even a simple thing like your supervisor coming to work in a good mood is a big gift.”

“In an organization with self-management everyone can be a leader, because everyone does acts that are related to leadership. Thus, everyone will need leadership skills,” stated one panelist. I think that this is a good conclusion for the topic.

Let’s move from words to deeds with better change management

NOOA’s team has a long background in change execution and measuring change. Thus, from early on it was clear that transparency, employee engagement and self-management will be vital parts of the NOOA software. They are all critical factors for successful change management, but in many organizations they are mere words. We wanted to create a service, where they can be turned to actions.

NOOA makes organizational changes transparent for managers and employees. NOOA’s realtime reports and metrics make it easy to get a big picture and to see the progress of teams and individuals. Manages are able to use data to lead strategically important tasks and to inspire employees. Managers also get recommendations for better implementation together with their employees. On the other hand, NOOA gives employees information about organization’s strategic goals and actions taken to achieve them. They get a place for participating and bringing their own knowledge forward and they receive feedback and rewards based on their actions. Gamification makes important tasks feel inspiring and memorable. Change becomes engaging and more easily managed – just like we have been dreaming for.

Is your organization transparent? Do you know how to lead with emotion and inspire everyone to join organizational development? If you need new ideas for these, let’s talk! You can book a meeting with me from the button below:


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