Tom Grönstrand


+1 312 792 0320


Tom Gronstrand specializes in measuring organization change and holds an international patent (pending) for measuring transformation. Tom is a serial entrepreneur and organizational change management consultant from Finland. Tom is passionate about uncovering the insights that drive the next generation of business solutions. And executing upon them.

Highlights and accomplishments:

  • Spring 2018: Winning White Paper Leading Change in the Digital World – New Technologies for New Times got the first honorable submission in ACMP conference 2018, Las Vegas.
  • Spring 2017: NOOA is a Winner of the 2016 International Quality Award of business innovations.
  • Fall 2016: International patent pending method how to measure and estimate transformation. Filed Aug 8, 2016, Patent, issuer and number EU PCT/FI2016/050555.
  • Much of successful organization transform programs to customer-driven culture i.e. Fujitsu (ICT), MPY (Telecommunications), Altia (Manufacturing), Gaia (Environment Advisory).
  • Growth four companies from start to exit.
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Pekka Juujärvi

Co-founder, Sales and Customer Experience

+358 400 841811


What I do
As a professional coach, consultant and leader I help leaders to make the reality of the Customer Experience turnaround by engaging people and building a culture that meets their team goals and today customer expectations.

How I do
I am a passioned Customer Experience strategist focused on growth creation by combining the strategy with your most important customer’s future expectations. My focus is to help you to increase effectiveness, profitability and customer loyalty in your team or organization. As a Founding Partner of NOOA Global, I believe in a people-oriented approach as a key for successful cultural change in every organization.

Why I do
Today’s organizations are experiencing a hard change pressure because of new technology, the fast-changing expectation of workforce and customers. I am in the coaching and consulting business because I love to use my experience to help the organizations to solve these challenges, and stay profitable and keep up their effectiveness. With more than 20 years of experience in Customer Experience and change leadership coaching, training and consulting I have helped International and National organizations such as Alma Media, Telia, MPY, Fujitsu Finland and Altia Areas of Expertise:

  • Change Leadership and Coaching
  • Customer Experience 360 diagnose
  • Customer Experience strategy
  • Strategy execution and people engagement
  • Implementation of a new culture
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Mark Kaufman

Director of Strategic Alliances

708 837 8625 mark.kaufman(at)


Mark has 30 years’ experience customizing change management and leadership development programs for clients including Marriott International, US Cellular, Leo Burnette, Nalco and Columbus Dispatch. He customizes NOOA solutions for enterprise wide change initiatives, product launches and performance improvement efforts.

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Associate Partner

+1 309 643 9507 mark.bidlake(at)


Mark Bidlake, CCMP, GPHR, has devoted his career to helping businesses achieve fundamental and lasting change. Mark is currently Associate Partner and the head of CGN Global’s Organization Transformation and Human Capital practice.  Within CGN, this practice area provides comprehensive consulting solutions in the areas of change management; organization design and development; building strong organizational cultures; building systems and structures that support effective performance management, talent management, and quality improvement; and in systemic approaches to lean and continuous improvement.
Mark has a career track record delivering exceptional results in building high performance organizations and achieving systemic transformation. He began his career in manufacturing, gained his initial supervisory experience as a production foreman, and carries with him that focus on delivering results every day.   In internal and external consulting roles and as operational manager and chief HR officer, his accomplishments include multiple record-breaking startups, turnarounds and expansions across the Americas, Europe and Asia. He is skilled at building high employee engagement, creating positive labor-management relations, building strong intercultural understanding and collaboration, and helping organizations achieve and sustain high performance.

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Drew Brogden, advisor for Cultivate Advisors, comes from the franchising and startup world. His primary focus and current role is to create repeatable structure and process for the various operational ‘hats’ of the business. Drew’s current capacity within NOOA is to create streamline processes within the sales, marketing, and client on boarding phase.

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Agneta Rosenberg

Director of Strategy, Culture and Innovation

773 208 8600 agneta.rosenberg(at)

San Francisco

Agneta is the Director of Strategy, Culture and Innovation focusing on developing client partnership and strategic alliances specifically on the West Coast to accelerate innovation, collaborative culture and strategic performance improvement.

Agneta is a strong believer in the human potential, the power of habits and importance of nurturing the good ones. She loves creating situations that make 1 plus 1 equal 4. She has worked with a range of technologies that accelerate innovation, change and performance improvement and all sizes of enterprises, from 2-man startups to Fortune 15 companies. She is creative, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and intellectually curious – with a strong inner drive toward progress. She thrives on breaking new ground and leveraging partnerships in new ways.

In 2000, she founded Interim Ventures to assist technology and services companies develop go-to-market strategies in the U.S. market, close initial customer and partner deals and build the foundation for successful expansion. Previously, she worked at the Swedish Trade Council in Chicago and at IBM in New York and Chicago.

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Lydia La Ferla

Director of Strategy, Culture and Innovation

240 899 1362 lydia.laferla(at)

Washington, DC

As NOOA’s Director of Strategy, Culture and Innovation, Lydia La Ferla focuses on business development, marketing and collaborative partnerships for the East Coast Region. Lydia brings three decades of professional experience in mentoring, advising, and advocacy for global sustainability strategies. She has worked with C-Suite executives, operational business unit managers, NGOs, governments, and multilateral institutions to humanize the business experience through thought leadership, strategic collaborative ecosystems, and hands-on mentorship. Lydia’s work is grounded in the belief that fully embracing innovative, digital technological tools to encourage behavioral change is the key to transforming the 21st century business landscape. Accelerating this change through collaboration will improve the quality of life for present and future generations.

Lydia La Ferla is Founder and Principal of La Ferla Associates, LLC, a boutique consulting practice offering market entry strategy and business facilitation services since 1993, primarily for start-ups and small to mid-sized companies engaged in sustainability, mentoring, and women’s entrepreneurship.

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Barbara Trautlein Ph.D.


Barbara Trautlein is the best-selling author of Change Intelligence: Use the Power of CQ to Lead Change that Sticks. A frequent ODN/C program leader and participant, she is principal and founder of Change Catalysts and originator of the CQ System for Developing Change Intelligent Leaders and Organizations. For over 25 years, Barbara has coached executives, trained leaders at all levels, certified change agents, and facilitated mission-critical change management initiatives. In 2015, she was recognized as the Change Management Consultant of the Year by the Association of Change Management Professionals-Midwest Region.

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