The Company Behind NOOA: Story of TripleWIn

TripleWin Oy is a Finnish company that has created a unique change management software NOOA for leading and executing change. The service is based on TripleWin’s solid experience in developing customer experience strategies, executing organizational changes and developing metrics for leading them. NOOA makes you get better results faster and makes change more transparent and measurable. New solution was needed, because the traditional ways of executing changes do no longer work in the digital world.

TripleWin’s Story: Experiences from Change Management Resulted in a New Innovation

TripleWin has been in Finland since 2009. We have specialized especially in B2B market and we have customers in Finland, in the Nordic Countries and in the U.S. For years TripleWin offered business consulting services for leading customer experience and managing the organizational change. While working with the customers, we started noticing that in today’s digital world companies are even less likely to succeed in executing changes with traditional methods. To this increasing need we decided to develop a tool that actually works. As a result, NOOA was created and it finally came to market in 2016. NOOA is a change management software, which helps leading the change and customer experience in digital world. Results with our customers have been promising and we have also received attention as the international and national winners of Quality Innovation Award in the category of Micro & startup companies 2016. We have a patent pending (PCT application number PCT/FI2016/050555) for NOOA that is valid in 140 countries. The patent pending is for a method of using data to measure and predict the level of transformation.


Since autumn 2016 we have succeeded in expanding our NOOA business to U.S. by establishing an office in Chicago. The reception there has been extremely positive. You can read more of our success in the U.S. from here.

TripleWin Global Network

We are part of the TripleWin Global Network. Other offices can be found in the USA, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Australia. TripleWin’s mission is to accomplish solutions, which offer simultaneous wins for customer, organization and individual. All the members of the TripleWin Global Network are committed to live and work in alignment with the five TripleWin Values.


TripleWin Finland's history can be found here in Finnish and the history of the TripleWin Global Network can read in the TripleWin US site.

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