“Your results won’t get better if you continue the same. Working harder is not a solution. Working smarter is the one. There are too many options. How do you know what is smarter?

NOOA Software & Service is your solution to learn fast the smarter way of working, and you and your team will become the stars.”

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Stregthen the Culture of Development and Learning

NOOA offers a new view of change in action, and provides valuable information for all levels of the organization. The organizational culture becomes more supportive of development and learning. This creates competitive advantage and helps sustain the achieved changes.

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  • Select the challenge
  • Set the goal which could be reached within 100 days
  • Create elevator speech – Why, How and What?
  • Get weekly findings, conclusion, and recommendations
  • Save time and find smarter ways to reach goals

Team member

Make learning and development a part of your daily routine

  • Select suggested actions and make a tryout
  • Share finding and experience
  • Learn from your peers’ practices
  • Receive more feedback and recognition
  • Have fun with Gamification & Rewarding
  • Increase Collaboration
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What Customers Say

I’ve trained and consulted many companies on organizational change and we have always been missing a tool that could sustain the momentum of organizational transformation on the long run and measure the progress. NOOA finally provides an answer to those challenges, and goes the extra mile: it translates the progress into financial goals. I highly recommend NOOA for every organization that strives to be future-proof and stay on the top.

Irena E.Trajkovski

Growth Consultant, Investor, Chicago Area,

We were surprised how many of our people got excited and started actively using NOOA. Both the management and the employees have felt that NOOA offers an easy and engaging way to learn new things and share information, knowledge and best practices.

Sami Konttinen

Communications Manager, Seure Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy



NOOA makes the change management fast, controlled and effective. Through the gamified platform the tasks done in the organization can be directly linked to their strategic, operative and commercial agendas.


Employees have many good ideas on how to implement changes, but they are often missing a channel in which to give their input. NOOA engages in implementing the changes in a fun way and through NOOA the employees are at the heart of the change, being able to bring forward their own ideas on how to forward the change.


Choose your own NOOA to reflect your personality, compete in the teams you have chosen, make propositions, and join already existing challenges! NOOA makes it possible to communicate within and between the teams and makes implementing the changes fun, collective activity.


Seeing the results for your own work is rewarding. In NOOA, employees gather points and see their progress step by step. Those players who do well get recognition and rewards from their employer.


Reporting the effectiveness of changes has been made easy and fun. NOOA functions in all the usual browsers and mobile platforms, offering a seamless user experience. NOOA has been developed in an international team and it has been tested in multiple markets, suiting the needs of large organizations well.


Gamified platforms and tools are not enough, but the results must be transparent and measurable. NOOA enables following the results in the real time – for both the worker and the manager. This creates positive competitive atmosphere for accomplishing the changes. NOOA has a build-in calculation model for activity and focus and tools for directing the change.

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