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NOOA is a gamified change management software that drives news behaviors across the organization to accelerate, achieve and sustain organizational change.

NOOA gives you a new way to collaborate in change situations. NOOA inspires everyone to participate and increases transparency and engagement. This gives you sustainable results faster!

With NOOA you can divide strategic focus points into concrete actions, which makes it easier for everyone to participate. Gamification engages and creates a fun environment to work together. NOOA offers a new view of change in action and provides valuable information for all levels of the organization. Organizational and cultural changes are easier to manage than ever before!

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Our experience of NOOA is excellent. We chose NOOA because we wanted to develop the communication among our teams and to increase participation in our new brand strategy. NOOA has helped us to clarify our goals and make the action points very clear. People like the gamification aspect of NOOA, because it’s fun and motivating to score points and get rewards for doing the right things. The way NOOA works is eye-opening. When you are not doing things in NOOA for a while, you start losing your points. Thus, NOOA brought out the unnecessary actions very quickly and it has sped up the change  in our organization. With NOOA we will reach our goals faster than planned. To top it off NOOA is very easy to use. I have never used any other tool as easy to use as NOOA. I recommend NOOA for changing organizational culture and performance of people.

Elina Mäkinen

Elina Mäkinen

Director, professional services, Excellence Finland

We were surprised how many of our people got excited and started actively using NOOA. Both the management and the employees have felt that NOOA offers an easy and engaging way to learn new things and share information, knowledge and best practices.


Sami Konttinen

Sami Konttinen

Communications Manager, Seure Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy
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Experience NOOA, a gamified change management software that drives new behaviors across the organization to accelerate, achieve and sustain organizational change


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