NOOA Global Had an Eventful May in the US

Writer: Pekka Juujärvi, Sales and Customer Experience Director

In May NOOA Global and TripleWin Finland had a lot of interesting events. In the US NOOA Global took part in Finland 100 gala organized by IWA (International Woman Associates) in Chicago and was a sponsor in ACMP Change Management 2017 conference in New Orleans.

Chicago may 2017
Chicago in May 2017

IWA’s Finland 100 gala

Finland 100 Gala was a really pleasant event in Chicago, where Finland received praise from many different directions. The theme of equality was strongly highlighted and Finland was closely associated with equality advocates and pioneers. While we Finns still sometimes discuss that the women’s euro is less than men’s euro, it was wonderful to note how Finnish society is well-known around the world for its good work for equality. The speakers spoke about how Finland gave women the right to vote among the first in the world and how Finland has an open and transparent culture. It seems that in Northern America people still remember that Finland suffered an absurd amount of losses in World War II, but paid for its military compensation in record time. It’s pretty interesting that a thing like this is still in peoples minds after all these years!

IWA's Finland 100 gala in Chicago
IWA’s Finlnad 100 gala in Chicaga. NOOA Global was one of the events sponsors.

IWA’s Finland 100 gala was a really great event and it was a great honor and our pleasure to be there. The gala arrangements were well done and for that I want to thank Kaarina Koskenalusta, an exemplary active brand bearer of Finland, and her daughter Kristina McMenamin as well as Katarina Andersson and Honorary Consul Olavi Göös.  Moreover, a big thanks goes to all volunteers who took part in organizing the event.

After the gala, we started to wonder why there weren’t more Finnish companies sponsoring the event. The program included the Mayor of Chicago’s greeting to the centenary Finland and many others who wanted to be involved in supporting the event.

Representing NOOA Global: Tom Grönstrand, Leena Huotari ja Pekka Juujärvi (from the left).
Representing NOOA Global: Tom Grönstrand, Leena Huotari ja Pekka Juujärvi (from the left).

In any case, it was a great event to attend to and to see and hear what people in Chicago first think about when talking about the hundred-year-old  Finland.

ACMP Change Management in New Orleans

Similar change management events are held all over the USA, but the New Orleans event was special to us because NOOA Global was one of the sponsors of this event and was participating for the first time in this kind of conference.

Sponsors of ACMP 2017
Sponsors of ACMP 2017

Most of the solutions focused specifically on managing change in the traditional sense. That is to say, for the most part, others focused on the range of training and evaluation models. There were only two digital change management solutions and both were from Finland! The other solution was Humap Software’s Real solution, which has been on the market longer than NOOA. The people who came to our stand had their attention drawn by the fine representation of Finland and this was great to hear!

During the three day convention there were plenty of great speeches and presentations. In several speeches, the importance of human focus in change was emphasized greatly. This has been already emphasized for a long time, but nowadays the message is that the teachings of change management needs to be more involved in business tranformation projects. Business transformation is a strategic level project which is run by executives. In North America, too, the changes from a product-driven organization to customer-oriented organization is a transformation project, but the traditional model does not work with modern people. It is because people no longer wait for the slow-moving ship to turn. Those who have the opportunity and knowledge look for new alternative solutions that are faster and more dynamic in change and care more about their staff.

Introducing NOOA to Change Management Specialists
Introducing NOOA to Change Management Specialists

The ACMP event overall was a successful investment for us. We managed to gather a large amount of feedback and views from the leaders of change management about NOOA. We also got a lot of contacts who are interested in trying out NOOA, and of course that was one of our most important goals for this event.

For the sake of visibility and networking, we were in the right place. Therefore, we will continue to use the transformation and change leadership forums in North America to spread the message of NOOA.

Pekka Juujärvi

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