LandInChicago Makes Minority Investment into NOOA

The LandInChicago – US market entry programme has made a minority equity investment into its first cohort alumni-company NOOA Global as part of NOOA’s ongoing funding round. The equity- investment marks LandInChicago’s first investment into a cohort company that participated in the US-market entry programme designed to help Finnish growth companies enter the US market and gain their first US customers.

LandInChicago makes minority investment into NOOA after successful start in the U.S. market

“The NOOA team led by Tom Grönstrand and Pekka Juujärvi showed tremendous adaptability already during the US market entry programme organized in the fall. Their success continued when we helped the company enter the US market and as a result NOOA has already achieved significant traction with multiple marquee pilot customers. Through NOOA’s success in the LandInChicago –programme we were able to solidify the importance and scope of the customer problem NOOA is solving and we’re very impressed by the team’s capability to close revenue- generating deals in the US market”, comments LandInChicago General Partner Sampo Parkkinen.

“NOOA is a prime example of a Finnish growth company that has built an extremely impressive product tackling a large, unmet customer need. Once we saw the impact of helping NOOA get in front of customers in the US market, this investment was an easy decision to make”, continues Parkkinen.

LandInChicago is a hands-on 12-week US market entry programme operating in partnership with TEKES, Finpro and 1871 Chicago in order to provide Finnish growth companies with access to customers and partners in the US market. The company conducts two programmes each year and seeks to conduct minority investments into the companies that show the most promising customer traction in the US market resulting from the programme.

For more information, please contact:

Sampo Parkkinen
General Partner
US: +1 312-572-9976
FIN: +358 41-532-7114


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