Inviting People to NOOA

Change rarely happens if people try to do everything alone. Thus, inviting others to NOOA is an important function.

There are two places where you can invite people to NOOA:

  • In challenge selector by selecting “Invite a Friend
  • Inside a challenge by clicking your name and selecting “Invite a Friend

Both open an invitation tool, which allows you to invite people to join a specific challenge and, thus, to use NOOA.

Here you need to type in your friend’s email address to “Add new friends”. You can add many at the same time and the system will warn you if they are already registered. In NOOA Free all emails are acceptable, but please note that NOOA Team and NOOA Enterprise are domain restricted. This means you are only able to invite people with the accepted email addresses, e.g. company email. If you are unsure about the restrictions in these cases, please discuss with your manager.

Inviting others to NOOA is an important function, which increases the employee participation and engagement in your organization

The invitation tool sends an email to your friends asking them to join NOOA. Once they have created an account and joined the challenge, you will receive motivators (either speed, smile or coins) for inviting them. If they do not join the challenge as fast as you would expect, the invitation tool shows your invitation history and allows you to easily invite them again.