ICT company Customer experience

An ICT company founded in 1992 with 1300 employees in 5 different locations in 3 countries delivering
Business Consulting, outsourcing and ICT Infrastructure services. The ICT company is operating in for
industries like Communication, Health, Insurance, and Manufacturing. The fastest growing sectors were
Communication and Helth.

The Challenge
The company had long-lasting customer relationships, but the situation in the marketplace was
changing. They realized that their well-known customers had face pressure from their competitors and
needed more collaboration to find new solutions for delivering their services. At the time, new players
came to the market-place with a customer-focused approach and were providing excellent customer
experience and effective service delivery.

The Solution


The transformation started with a Voice of customers (VOC) diagnose. They need
to update all customer information, and they decided to use a professional
partner to rebuild their customer experience strategy to be sure that all
information was as neutral as possible and the VOC -the process was tested out
many times before to be effective.

The VOC was giving a good overview of the situation. The main message, from the
strategic customers, was that the company was not communicating enough with
their customers. They where to far from the customer, to understand the challenges customer had, and
they were to difficult to reach when needed.
They made a plan on how to implement new behaviors around those areas and a plan for in which order
those behaviors should be implemented so that customers could see the different asap.

The challenge was that
teams were in different
locations, and locations
had a different
approach in the area of
customer expectations

Employee Engagement was critical. The challenge was that teams were in different locations, and
locations had a different approach in the area of customer expectations. It was
hard to get people in the same place at the same time for defined a common
behavior to deliver best-expected customer experience.

Implementation fo new common behavior for the best-expected customer

They looked for a digital solution to get people together although different
locations. It was essential to have all onboard and collaborate for engagement
and to get people to share their ideas for developing the customer experience.
NOOA was the right solution for making the teams join, collaborate and engage for new behaviors.
Working with NOOA started fast, and people field that collaboration and co-working began immediately
and participation were high from the beginning. The feedback from people was excellent from the

The result
Often organizations have well-done plans on how to develop the customer experience, but
implementation fails. Research says that only 14% of organizations that have Customer Experience
strategic manage to implement their customer experience strategy throughout the organization.

NOOA played a significant role in getting things done

Because of high participation and good collaboration in teams and among teams they managed to get
the “critical mass” of people to engage. After six months from the start, they got feedback from
customers that say “something had changed” They continued using NOOA for the implementation and
followed the plan.

It took 1,5 years for them to turn their NPS from -19 to 35. The main reason was the way they managed
to do the implementation. NOOA played the central role in this excellent result.