Holiday Mode

Going on a holiday and thinking you have no time to play NOOA while sunbathing in the beach? Let your team know.

You can activate your holiday mode in your account. Account can be found by pressing your name on the upper right and selecting “Account”.

Editing your account

When the color of your holiday mode is green, holiday mode is active. On holiday mode you will neither lose nor receive motivators (speed/smile/coins), so your NOOA patiently will wait for you to get back to work. This also means that you should take the holiday mode off when you get back, so you can start progressing again. To save the changes, press save.

holiday mode on

Holiday mode is public information and others can check your profile to see if you have activated it. Has your team member been inactive and not replied to your invitations? Check if he or she is on a holiday by pressing her name in your team statistics.