Following Your Progress

Article Contents:
Speed, Smiles, Coins
Getting Reviews
Getting Punishments
Team Ranking
World Ranking

In NOOA there are many metrics you can use to follow your progress.


This is the main view of NOOA, which contains your chosen NOOA, information about your collected points, your actions and ranking.

The state of your NOOA represents how active you have been doing actions (and especially priority actions) and collaborating. The more you do, the healthier your NOOA will look like.

In this view you can also see a short summary of your current selected actions and view the Challenge Objectives if you need to refresh your memory about the important points in this Challenge.

Speed, smiles, coins

Speed, Smile and coins represent the points in NOOA.

Speed is rewarded from using and being active in NOOA.

Smile is rewarded for being collaborative, inviting people and generally being a “team player”.

Speed and Smile are both responsible for most of your points in the rankings and are critical for the healthy growth of your NOOA!

Speed and smile are a key to improving your NOOA

Coins are rewarded for positive manager reviews and certain other milestones. Coins are used in buying rewards called “Perks”, which are set up by the administrator.

Getting reviews

When managers review your progress, you get feedback on how well you’ve done on actions and behavioral priorities – how well you’ve participated into furthering the challenge.

These reviews will show up in your Notifications first. Your goal is to get as many YES as you can, one for every behavioral priority (green box in challenge selector) and behavior to avoid (purple box  in challenge selector). You will receive extra points for getting YES in all, but lose points if you get NO.

You can see how you have done in reviews by looking at the “Personal Progress” on “My NOOA” tab, which shows you the amount of positive reviews you have received per behavioral priority. In “Effort Summary” on “Performance” tab you can get an overview of how your team is doing in reviews, as it shows you the behavioral priority in which your team has gotten the most positive reviews (YES) and the behavioral priority in which you have received the most negative reviews (NO). This helps you as a team to start focusing more on the behavioral priorities that have not gone well.

Getting punishments

NOOA contains the option to give punishments to players. Punishments are given from inactivity, doing actions that are not at all related to the Challenge or otherwise unproductive behavior.

Punishments will show up on your “World of NOOA” feed and you might be prompted to “Buy coffee for the whole team” as a punishment for starting too many actions while completing none.

Team ranking

Team ranking shows the ranking of players inside your team. It’s calculated from your combined Speed and Smile!

World ranking

World ranking is like team ranking, but contains every player from the every challenge!