Finnish Startup Gamified Change Management and is Growing in the US – a Marketing Agency Jumped on Board

Ineffective change management costs companies billions every year. Finnish company TripleWin has developed a cloud service where employees are engaged into change by gaming.

New solution to an age-old problem

People do not commit to change unless they understand the strategy in a concrete way. The NOOA service created by TripleWin makes change shared, transparent and measurable. The advantages of engagement can be seen immediately in client companies, when results in change management both improve and speed up. The original solution to an age-old leadership problem has evoked a lot of interest in a short period of time:

The welcoming of NOOA has been extremely positive in Finland as well as in the United States. The message has been clear; we have created something that actually solves many problems in change management”, says Pekka Juujärvi, Sales and Customer Experience Director at TripleWin.

Finnish Startup Gamified Change Management and is Growing in the US - a Marketing Agency Jumped on Board

A marketing agency as an investor

Digital marketing agency Redland has been developing the NOOA-service together with TripleWin and decided to widen the cooperation with TripleWin further in becoming their partner. The agency has been selling their service design and coding services to the US market for several years now. They saw the huge potential in TripleWin’s service and ended up investing in the company.

We do not see ourselves as a traditional ad agency, but rather as a growth- and development partner to our clients. We help them with marketing, communications and digital service development, so investing in outstanding services seems a natural step. Together our chances of succeeding are better”, says Jonne Hirvonen, Head of Sales & Internationalization at Redland.

Both companies have offices in Chicago. The CEO of TripleWin, Tom Grönstand will be moving to the city in August to serve North American customers.


More information please contact:

Pekka Juujärvi, Sales and Customer Experience Director, NOOA Global / TripleWin Oy

+358 400 841 811,

TripleWin Oy is a Finnish company that has developed NOOA, the cloud service for leading and executing change management. TripleWin serves its domestic and foreign customers in Espoo and Chicago. Additional information:

Jonne Hirvonen, Head of Sales and Internationalization, Redland Oy

+358 50 4871572,

Redland is a growth and development partner for companies that want more and want it easier. Our job is to clarify the purpose of our client and help extend it to everything the company does. We do it by combining marketing, communications, and digital services as one, strategically led entity. Additional information:


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