Finnish Change Management Innovation Gathers Interest in the U.S.

Finnish company TripleWin Oy has developed a digital tool, which is unique even on a global scale. This new solution was needed, since the old ways of doing change don’t work anymore in the digital world. The solution is NOOA, which has already started its revolution in the United States.

The uniqueness and importance of NOOA is reflected in the reception it has received in the U.S. In just four weeks, two big clients were acquired and valuable new contacts were made. First one of these customers is among the biggest insurance companies in the U.S. and the second one is the consulting company CGN Global.

NOOA was presented in different events both in Chicago and San Fransisco to approximately 200 different decision makers. The overall opinion was that this new solution, which has been developed, is something truly meaningful and something that can answer almost completely to the challenges of change management in the digital world.

Finnish change management innovation NOOA gathers interest in the U.S. after participating in the LandInChicago -program

Digitalization forces companies to renew themselves faster

– NOOA is an answer to a real problem, emphasizes Tom Grönstrand, the CEO of TripleWin. – Classic and traditional ways of doing change in organizations won’t work in the digital world. Even before challenges of digitalization, most change projects failed, and they will keep failing, if we keep using traditional methods.

Grönstrand demonstrates his message with the Fortune 500 -list.

– 52% of companies have disappeared from the list during the last 15 years and the reason for this is that they are unable to renew themselves. Digitalization forces companies to renew themselves in a quicker pace than previously. This is why a tool like NOOA is needed.

Startup-program opened up the path to the U.S.

During the fall, TripleWin took part in the LandInChicago -program. The objective of this program is to help Finnish companies and innovations to get a foothold and growth in the U.S. The program is supported by TEKES and the city of Chicago. TripleWin and NOOA continue their successes in both Chicago and the U.S.

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