FAQ – Player-related questions

I forgot our NOOA platform address

Each NOOA instance is usually named [companyname].nooa.global (without the brackets []).

I accidentally bought a perk / prize I didn’t want

Contact your manager and solve it together.

I was on a vacation, but got penalized from not being active in NOOA

Before going on a vacation, remember to activate the ”Holiday Mode” from your user settings.

I forgot my password

You can reset your password in the login screen by clicking on ”Recover password”. If you’re unable to use this to reset your password, contact your admin, they can reset your password from the backend.

NOOA won’t let me add an action

Check the list of actions, the action you’re trying to create might already been created and you can simply add it onto your actions by clicking it from the list. There can only be one action with the same name.

I changed my language settings, but nothing has changed

Sometimes our browsers take shortcuts by using cached data. After changing your language settings, refresh the page completely and the language should change.

I changed my language setting on the login screen, but my NOOA is unaffected

The language selected on the login screen affects only the login screen language. If you want to change your NOOA language, you can do this in your user settings.

How do I add hashtags (#)

To add hashtags to a action. Just write them after the action, for example:

”Go through the marketing materials and try to find points where we can improve them #marketing #materials #improvement”