FAQ – Manager-related questions

I can’t log in / I forgot our NOOA platform address

Each NOOA instance is usually named [companyname].nooa.global (without the brackets []). If you’re still unable to login, check to see you’re using the correct /admin/ page.

I can log in, but can’t see any challenges

The admin has not yet added you to any appropriate challenge. Contact your admin-user so they can add you into the challenge.

I created an action and added hashtags for it, but they have become clumped up together

When adding hashtags for an action in the manager-backend, the hashtags must be structured as follows:


This would show three hashtags ”#digitalization”, ”#integration” and ”#cooperation”. Notice that there should be no spaces between the commas separating the hashtags.

Can I add documentation or other files to a challenge or an action?

No. Currently NOOA does not support attaching files. If you want to add clarifying documents or other information, you can refer to them in the challenge description or in the action name. For example, you might add a link to the file in your intranet.

I changed my language setting on the login screen, but my NOOA is unaffected

The language selected on the login screen affects only the login screen language. If you want to change your NOOA language, please ask your admin to change your “Manager backend language”.

How can I know that a player has not yet logged in to NOOA for the first time?

If a player has not yet started playing a challenge (has not logged into the challenge even one), a manager can see it from the ”Players”-tab in the manager backend. Players that have not logged in are not shown on the player list and should be contacted to aski f they need more assistance in using NOOA.