FAQ – Admin-related questions

I can’t log in / I forgot our NOOA platform address

Each NOOA instance is usually named [companyname].nooa.global (without the brackets []). If you’re still unable to login, check to see you’re using the correct /admin/ page.

I added a new user / manager, but they can’t log in.

When adding new users of any type, their state must be set to “Enabled”, before they can login. You can see if a user is set enabled or disabled in the Users tab in admin backend.

I created a new manager-user, but they are unable to see any challenges?

When adding a new manager, it’s important to remember that new managers are not connected to a challenge by default. They must be added to appropriate challenges by the admin by editing the challenge.

I accidentally set a challenge as started, but it wasn’t supposed to start yet – do I have to recreate it?

No. You can edit the challenge and mark it as waiting – later, at the appropriate time, start it again (this time, with the correct date).

I tried changing my language from the login screen, but it didn’t work!

The login screen language selection only affects the login screen. To change your UI language, please edit your own admin-user profile.