People drive change

We believe that transparency and innovation are a must for digital world companies. To accomplish these, you need people who drive change. Unfortunately, in many cases managers are overloaded with daily tasks, corporate strategies are too abstract and people are not engaged, because they do not understand priorities in a concrete way.

This is why we decided to use our solid background in the organizational change management and create a tool that truly helps. The result is NOOA, a gamified SaaS platform that drives new behaviors across the organization to accelerate, achieve and sustain organizational change.

Join the Leaders in Digital Change with NOOA

Accelerate Change

NOOA makes important strategic changes possible and manageable by giving direction, increasing activity and engaging everyone to participate. This speeds up the change and saves time and money.

Achieve Results

With NOOA, people know where to focus, and collaboration is enhanced across the organization. Behavioral changes are achieved and people feel more rewarded for their involvement. Companies get the results they want and can measure key drivers of change. The results are transparent and measurable.

Strengthen the Culture of Development and Learning

NOOA offers a new view of change in action, and provides valuable information for all levels of the organization. The organizational culture becomes more supportive of development and learning. This creates competitive advantage and helps sustain the achieved changes.

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