Change Management Tool NOOA Grows by Crowdfunding

TripleWin Oy from Finland has developed a digital tool NOOA, which is a SaaS platform for change management and implementation that is unique even on a global scale. In a fast changing digital world, companies aren’t succeeding in implementing changes with traditional methods. For this increasing need, NOOA was developed.

Let’s take NOOA to the world together!

TripleWin has arranged a share issue of €300.000 for NOOA with crowdfunding. This is a chance for everyone to be a part of a historical advancement in the field of change management. The funds gathered will be used to achieve accelerated growth in the US market, create local support and finalize method patenting.


USA:ssa vahvasti startannut muutosjohtamisen työkalu NOOA kasvaa joukkorahoituksella. Joukkorahoitus järjestetään 300.000€:n osakeannilla.

Why crowdfunding?

This is an innovation that has great significance even socially. NOOA is a SaaS platform for change management and implementation, meaning that it solves a real problem, which is faced by many companies. Almost everyone has encountered the challenges of change in their professional life. Information isn’t being transmitted, change is slow and only a few participate actively, others just wait. These problems are emphasised further in the digital world.

– ”The world is becoming more digital at a great pace and these problems are becoming more highlighted – change done by traditional methods won’t work anymore. For these reasons this problem is both a social and global problem, which is solved by NOOA. We believe that this interests all of us,” illustrates Tom Grönstrand, the CEO of TripleWin.

– ”This situation is best seen in the top 500 companies. In just 15 years, 52% of them has disappeared. Major reason for this has been their inability to change. A change this big and this fast hasn’t happened before in history,” emphasizes Grönstrand.

Development of NOOA

NOOA already has customers in both Finland and the U.S. The service was launched in Finland on August 2016. During October, NOOA was presented in different events both in Chicago and San Francisco to approximately 200 different decision makers. This resulted in two significant clients: one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. and the international consulting company CGN. The overall opinion was that this new solution, which has been developed, is something truly meaningful and something that can answer almost completely to the challenges of change management in the digital world.

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