Article Contents:
Behavioral Priorities
Joining Challenges
Leaving Challenges
Switching Challenges

Behavioral Priorities

In challenges, there are behavioral priorities that can be divided into two categories: behaviors that are encouraged (Green) and behaviors that should be avoided (Purple).

Actions that you create or join might be connected to certain behavioral priorities, making them Priority Actions

You should read the behavioral priorities carefully to understand what are the important things in this challenge.

Joining challenges

Joining challenges is easy and you can be part of multiple challenges.

You can change your current challenge by clicking on the “Switch Challenge” button and selecting a different one. From this menu you can also go to the “Challenge Selector” to join (or leave) other challenges.

In the “Switch Challenge” menu only challenges that you’ve joined are shown – other challenges must be accessed from the “Challenge Selector” button.

Leaving Challenges

In the “Challenge Selector” you can choose to leave challenges by clicking on the “Leave” –button. Be careful when leaving challenges, since it will reset all your progress on that challenge!

leaving a challenge

Switching challenges

You can switch challenges from the “Switch Challenge” –button. Only challenges you’ve joined are shown here and if a challenge you’re searching for isn’t on the list, you might need to join it from the “Challenge Selector”.