B2C Omnichannel

The consumer goods company has 8,000 employees and internationally recognized brands.

Overall in the market, brands are growing their Direct-to-Consumer sales as consumers increasingly seek to engage directly with brands, and receive personalized product and service offers. They have brought wholesale and B2C together, changing a siloed approach into one synergistic, consumer-driven organization. Now their B2C sales are integrated into each region’s business.

Changing consumer shopping habits and practices have led to a transformation in the consumer goods company. The strategic initiative “Omni-channel drives growth” includes choices 1) be found online, 2) win at winning accounts, 3) focus on the best specialists, 4) accelerate B2C, 5) provide exceptional consumer experience and 6) create a new winning culture.

They know that the world is changing at a rapid pace. The whole industry is also going through a transformation. To be successful, they need to adapt and challenge themselves to learn and develop every day.

The Challenge
A leadership team has been trained on, how to create a new winning culture. The challenge is that every also every “John and Jill” needs to be involved.

At the same time, there are a lot of ongoing changes in the large corporation. There are corporate level initiatives, group, and business level changes, and of course current daily work with individual and team sales targets. Typically when John and Jill feel that it’s too much, they must concentrate on daily work and postpone development.

The challenge was clarified: “How to make learning and development part of our daily routine.”



The Solution
They decide to use NOOA to align the strategic initiatives, and the team owns targets. They translated abstract terminology to the concrete
behavioral priorities which John and Jill's understand make learning and development part of our daily routine.

With our coaching, the team leader made an Elevator Pitch: “Building a winning culture within our team is a top priority. With that in mind, we want to ensure you feel engaged daily and excited to come to work every day. Your work is vital to the overall success of our company. Nobody in the organization is closer to the consumer than you. Being in the field can sometimes feel like you are on an island. We want to build a bridge between you and your teammates. NOOA is a collaboration and engagement tool that allows us to communicate and share best practices. It’s not a means to track activity but rather a vehicle for all of us to learn and develop. NOOA is designed to help influence behaviors that are important to building a winning culture and elevating consumer experience.”

In the NOOA platform, there are virtual coaches which keeps learning and development as an ongoing process. Every week findings and conclusions were discussed with the team leader and recommendation how team leader could support and communicate to foster team with the challenge and reach team sales targets. Every three weeks the virtual coaching sessions with the whole team were held to discuss key learnings and share best practices.


Every team member reached their annual targets including sales targets.

Team leader feels that NOOA helps to: “Encourage the team to take ownership in the “challenge” and have them create the actions that they believe are most impactful. It is the leader’s job to facilitate the dialogue, but the team should ultimately develop the actions and key learnings.”

The team members now feel that they are on a “team” even though they all work and live remotely in the field and only see each other in person a few times per year.

The collaboration and idea sharing is at an all-time high. Each person now feels like they can count on a teammate for advice and help in the daily activities.