Article Contents:
Joining Actions
Searching for Actions
Creating Your Own Actions
Priority Actions
Starting and Completing Actions
Viewing Your Actions History


In NOOA you can design your own actions yourself, invite other people to do actions with you or collaborate with other people to complete actions. Some actions might be considered important to the Challenge; these “Priority Actions” are worth more rewards when completing them!

Joining actions

When you look at the “Actions” tab, first you can see all the “Suggested actions”, or actions that other people have created. You may freely add actions from this list to your own actions, if you feel they’re relevant to your doing and to the challenge. Beware of joining too many actions you do not mean to complete, as you can be punished for that.

Searching for actions

There are also fields to search for actions, from “Suggested Actions” (actions that other people have created) or “My Actions” (actions that you have on your own list). You can choose to search with a keyword, or with a hashtag. For example, actions that are connected to marketing, might be marked with a hashtag #Marketing.

Creating your own actions

Creating your own actions makes NOOA your personal tool for improving the challenge and furthering change in your organization.

Creating actions is easy, and can be done by writing the action on the box in “My Actions”. If you want, you can tag your created action with a hashtag. For example an action “Familiarize yourself with the customer’s offering #customerexperience” would create an action “Familiarize yourself with the customer’s offering”, searchable with the hashtag #customerexperience.

When creating actions, you need to keep in mind the challenge and the behavioral priorities inside that challenge. When creating meaningful actions, your actions might be selected to be Priority Actions and other people might like them enough to add them to their own list of challenges. Your receive points encouraging teamwork.

Priority actions

Priority actions are actions that are tied directly to the behavioral priorities by the administrator. You will receive more points from completing priority actions, compared to basic actions.

You can recommend actions you’ve created as priority actions, if you feel that they are directly tied to the challenge and its behavioral priority. This way other players can join and do these actions as well.

Starting and completing actions

When you start an action, you should mark it as “Started” and after completing it, you should mark it as “Finished”. This way managers can see your progress, you receive points and other players can see what you’ve accomplished.

Viewing your actions history

You can also view your Actions History pressing the button below actions. There you can see every action you’ve completed and how many points you’ve received for completing them. You can also see statistic from e.g. how much time it takes you to complete actions.