NOOA Software & Service Helps to Create a smarter Learning Culture.

When technology is changing, people behaviors need to chance as well. There is a huge need to disrupt people engagement and cultural development market.

Award-winning change management, and collaboration innovation

NOOA gives you a new way to collaborate in change situations. NOOA inspires everyone to participate and increases transparency and engagement. This gives you sustainable results faster!

With NOOA you can divide strategic focus points into concrete actions, which makes it easier for everyone to participate. Gamification engages and creates a fun environment to work together. NOOA offers a new view of change in action and provides valuable information for all levels of the organization. Organizational and cultural changes are easier to manage than ever before!

How Nooa works?


NOOA allows everyone in the team to participate in the change, cooperate with one another and share new ideas for actions that would take the team closer to the desired goals.

Invite others

NOOA makes collaboration easy. Team members are able to ask others to join the actions they have developed, follow their progress and give them encouraging feedback.

Get recognition

In NOOA team members gather points from activity, collaboration and focus. They can see their progress and get feedback and recognition from their managers and peers. Those who do well can also buy rewards with their points.


NOOA allows management to divide strategic focus areas into challenges and actionable steps. This makes change manageable to everyone and gives focus to the things that are important.


NOOA includes a system for giving feedback and rewards for the team. With this the manager can point out what is important, motivate the team to get even better results and notice if some team members need more support.


NOOA has advanced metrics and reports that make the change transparent and measurable. Analyzing the situation overall or in team and individual level is made easy and managers get recommendations on what they should do to improve the results.

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